What We Do

Noble helps companies
build, launch and scale
credit products fast

Our Mission

While most of the business world has gone online, credit solutions have remained cumbersome and complicated.

Noble reimagines the design of credit solutions so that they can be launched as easily as other modern digital services. We equip companies with all of the complex elements they'll need to build credit solutions - from data to decisioning - all in a single, seamless platform.

Our customers are busy building world-class brands. We built Noble so that they can deploy custom credit products with ease, and then quickly get back to the work that drives them.

Our Story

Our team has worked extensively in the credit industry for years, enjoying front-row seats to its dramatic and ongoing evolution. But one thing has always been constant: the tremendous complexity in introducing new credit products.

Small BNPL startups, established companies, and international financial corporations all discovered this too late. Technical, regulatory, licensing, and product considerations always interefered with the development process - no matter the size or objective of the team. Launching a credit product was a long, tedious, and difficult process.

And the more we thought about it, the more we realized
there had to be a better way.

So in early 2021, amidst a pandemic which saw a surprising and inspiring burst of innovation across so many industries, we decided to finally build what we wished we had so long ago: a self-service platform to design, build, maintain, and scale custom credit solutions tailored to any business need. And so we built Noble - an integrated solution with endless possibilities...
no code needed.

Our Investors

Our Values

Being Noble means leaning into clarity, conviction, and compassion. It means having ideals, and working towards them every day.

These are ours:


No two businesses are exactly the same - and their credit products shouldn't be either. Noble makes it easy to customize the perfect solution for your customers without the need for expensive or time-consuming custom coding.


Trust your output. Instead of operating a mysterious "black box," Noble suggests helpful product configurations and always shows you the calculations that drive its recommendations. Maintain total data visibility every step of the way.


We believe that credit solutions can be complex without being complicated to build. That's why we make it easy for anyone to build the credit product they need to serve their market - without headaches, hassles, or hacks.


We are reimagining the future of credit

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