It's finally here: welcome to the Noble Blog

It's finally here: welcome to the Noble Blog

LAST EDITED: Dec 22, 2022 | 4 minute read

Our new blog will share news about our company, our products, the space we serve and insights we’ve gleaned about tech, embedded finance, credit underwriting and everything in between.

We proudly present Noble’s new blog! We’ll use this outlet to share news about our company, our products and the business space we serve. We’ll provide insights we’ve gleaned about tech, embedded finance, credit underwriting and everything in between.

Our commitment

We’ll respect our readers’ time and intelligence. We’ll be succinct and direct. We’ll avoid fluff and regurgitating stories you’ve already read elsewhere. We’ll strive to provide information you’ll only find here, with insights based on our expertise and our data.

Our company

Noble was founded in 2021.

We are a 20-strong team, based in Tel Aviv.

We empower companies to build their own custom, credit-based products. We automate complex underwriting processes and let businesses embed them into our robust decisioning platform, without the need for Dev resources. They, in turn, can extend credit to their customers in a manageable, safe and scalable way.

Our platform is constantly expanding, providing access to more data sources and providing more decisioning functionality and insights. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn when a new article is published. 

Our space

Embedded financial services are exploding. Oracle estimates the embedded finance market could exceed $7T over the next decade. That’s double the combined value of the world’s top 30 banks today.

Businesses across industries are embedding financial tools into their platforms. They’re offering their customers more services, driving trust and loyalty and building new revenue streams.

According to Lightyear Capital, embedded finance will generate $230 billion in revenue by 2025, a 10-fold increase from 2020 figures. The report attributes more than 11X growth for the embedded lending segment.

The value for businesses is clear. A report by Stripe and Finch Capital found that marketplaces that embed financial services have a median Enterprise value-to-sales ratio of 6.7x, compared to 5.3x for ones that do not.

Our insights

We spend our days studying a gamut of databases, analyzing parameters, and finding the best indicators combinations to support decisions that are accurate, reliable and fast. 

We analyze thousands of parameters across dozens of data sources. We embed our insights directly into our platform and we’ll share some of our findings in our blog.

We’ll strive to keep you informed, enlightened and up-to-date on anything and everything Noble.

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